Hardware features

This hardware has four fans for cooling the boards and an additional three fans built into the power supply. The L7 also has a flow throttling feature that allows it to adjust to the current level of electricity costs – that is, the hardware regulates its performance on its own to reduce mining losses due to high electricity prices.

About Bitmain

Bitmain is known as the leading manufacturer of crypto mining devices worldwide and caters to customers’ needs in over 100 countries worldwide. Bitmain provides the international blockchain network with the industry’s best computational solutions and infrastructure while offering the latest innovations in terms of power efficiency.

Why buy from us

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to make mining crypto possible and affordable for everyone who wants to mine cryptocurrencies. We make sure to give our customers the best possible advice on buying and trading ASIC hardware. We make it our goal to make crypto mining more affordable and mainstream for the world.


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